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Straight Low Prices

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Straight Low PricesHave you ever wondered about who pays for the glitter, decor and expense to display and attract you the large and expensive stores? It is you, the customer, unfortunately!! We pay for the frills and high-end overheads we do not need to pay for when we just want the jewelry we like and want to pay a fair price for it.

We do not have a flashy showroom and do not have the large overheads to pass on to you. We don't need to do deceptive pricing. We have faith in today's consumer who can understand that illusionary discounts can only come with inflated prices. 

Why do Large Store Prices End in 99?

Why do prices end in $99 or $0.99? It is a mystery. Isn’t it? Psychological pricing or price ending is a marketing practice based on the theory that certain prices have a psychological impact. The retail prices are often expressed as "odd prices": a little less than a round number, e.g. $19.99 or $2.98. The theory is this drives demand greater than would be expected if consumers were perfectly rational. Psychological pricing is one cause of price points. Google Answers suggests that there was another reason. However, some suggest that intentionally awkward pricing was adopted primarily to control employee theft, before the turn of the 20th century when stores expanded beyond owner-operators and used cash registers. For cash transactions with an odd price, most customers must be given change. Creating change requires the employee to open the cash register, recording the sale.

Take an Instant 70% - 80% Off?

Think for a moment why any store or business can afford to sell at up to 80% discount and still continue doing business with a profit. Only 2 possibilities usually come to mind...either the business is selling at a loss OR giving extravagant discounts on already inflated prices and creating an illusion of offering low low prices. It is your hard earned money. Make a wise decision and consider exploring better prices of the designs you like elsewhere. The Jordan Bass prices are straight and without any gimmicks. You will not find 70% and 80% discounts on our prices. Instead, we try to offer the best possible low prices by running a low cost operation.

Who is Paying for the Glitter?

When all the expenses to put the merchandise on display with the staff and off course the expenses to attract you to their stores including the high-end television and radio ads...are added up, you start seeing the prices of $499.99 and also illusionary deals of 40% - 50% or even 80% discounts! We, the customers pay for the glitter, the advertising and suit and tie of the sales staff. Do we need to pay for these high overheads just to buy a quality bracelet? According to Ken Gassman of Rapaport Research, a jewelry store chain would need 116 stores and more than 900 workers to sell $129 million worth of jewelry and large department stores are no longer the reason why people come to the mall, because they have failed to innovate.

Jewelry Education and Guidance

We encourage you to visit our 'Education' pages where we have attempted to provide useful information about diamonds, amber, gemstones and jewelry buying in general. This information has been written for you. Get to know more about real jewelry, its history, types of diamonds, gemstones, buying tips, online shopping and so many other useful topics. We hope you will find the reading enjoyable also. Get to know jewelry and begin exploring great designs at Jordan Bass with confidence.


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